1. Subregional 2003 Claimed Scores

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Callsign Locator QSO Score Comment
3.OK1VFAJO80DG422102371ODX 797..690m ASL..FT847..12el.Yagi
4.OK1MCSJN69JW3581007032x13el.DL6WU, 80W out, 732m ASL, ODX 815km
5.OK1IAJN79NU3647577111el. 750W,555m ASL,832km - I1AXE
6.OK1FKLJN69LQ27168461PA0MS,100W,537m ASL,ODX 667km
7.OK1PGSJN69RV270662372xPA0MS,100W, ODX 707 km
8.OK1COMJN79HW3095705613el.DL6WU, 50W, 505m ASL
9.OK2PMSJN89WW1111734313el.F9FT, 50W, 250m ASL